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Specializing In R & D, Production, Sales Bamboo Barbecue Charcoal, hookah Charcoal , Briquette Charcoal And Bbq Grill.

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Machine-made Charcoal Brief Introducton Machine-made charcoal technology originated in Japan, also known as the sawdust charcoal, mechanism charcoal, artificial charcoal, regenerated charcoal, smoke...Read More>>

Bbq Charcoal A grade Mechanism charcoal Material: Made of 100% pure bamboo sawdust. Specifications: (SGS Detection Data) Moisture: 5.5% Ash: 1.58% ...

Charcoal Briquette The charcoal was processed by special technology from mixture of carbonized plant materials, binder and other materials. it's find ...

Instant BBQ Grill Instant grills is convenient to take, clean, quick, fast ignite, last for 2 hours. Specification: - Size (L*W*H CM): 31x25x5cm. ...

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Haosen Charcoal Industry Technology Co., Ltd
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Haosen Charcoal Industry Technology Co., Ltd
Factory Products / OEM Service Supported: Haosen Charcoal Industry Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer company, which specializing in R ... Read More>>
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